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Create high-quality, SEO-oriented news content that captures the latest trends and topics. Say goodbye to outdated content and hello to fresh updates based on what is happening in the world now, delivered straight to your fingertips. If it happened, AI REPORTER² is aware of it and promptly generates news about it!

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Who is AI REPORTER² for?

Whether you're a blogger, reporter, marketer, or business owner, our service streamlines the content creation process, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Plus, enjoy the convenience of previewing and editing content before publication to ensure maximum quality.

What sets us apart?

SEO-Oriented Content: We specialize in creating SEO-oriented content, helping you attract more traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings across various niches, including politics, sports, gossip, and more.
Content Review for Quality Assurance: We offer the ability to review and edit content before publishing, allowing you to ensure the highest quality standards for your audience.
Convenient Integration and Accessibility: Our service can be accessed directly through our web application or API, and it's natively integrated with WordPress for seamless implementation. Plus, there's no need for registration or credit card information to get started, making it hassle-free to try out our platform.

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AI REPORTER2 does it for you... in seconds

Gather data

Explores the web to collect all available data for the topic you are interested in!

Search images

Finds, resizes and suggests up to six images related to the topic!

Process data

Extract facts, removes duplicates and generates an unique and original text.


Creates a draft output for you that you can use as is or edit directly in the editor

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Watch this brief video demonstration showcasing the effortless process of creating an article using AI REPORTER2.

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Up to six images suggestion to use as your news article featured image
News insider
Get inspired by AI REPORTER2
Let News insider suggest trending topics
Field reporter
Do you want to write about a niche news story? Field reporter finds all the necessary information for you
Edit the news directly in the platform and export the content's HTML code or JSON object
Send the article directly to your WordPress website or to your custom API endpoint

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How can we help you?

Fast answers

We made AI REPORTER2 very easy and intuitive. Here's some question customers asked frequently.

While articles generated by artificial intelligence are often usable without modifications, it is not uncommon for errors or inaccuracies to appear in the generated text. Therefore, we always recommend verifying the content before publication to correct and integrate the text, adapting it to the specific audience of your website.

The content is generated by AiReporter2, gathering elements from various sources and elaborating them to create a unique narrative structure distinct from the original sources. We have verified that the produced content is not flagged as plagiarism neither as AI generated content by detection tools.

The rights to the produced content are entirely transferred to the user who generated them, allowing unrestricted usage. However, suggested images may be subject to third-party rights. Users should verify at the provided source address of the image whether its license is compatible with the country and the nature of their websites (commercial, informational, educational, etc.).